1000 Island


Approximately thirty years after the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, residents of the rural village of Lansdowne, Ontario formed the Lansdowne Rural Telephone Company. The company, known today as Lansdowne Tel, incorporated in 1907, today remains unique in that it is home to one of the few remaining independent telephone companies in the province.

Over the years, Lansdowne Tel has combined local tradition with modern technology in order to adapt and thrive in the modern era of telecommunications. Where there were once over 100 independent telephone companies in Ontario, there are now less than 20. With the purchase of Lansdowne Tel by Peterborough-area based Nexicom Inc. in 2020, Lansdowne Tel continues to expand its geographic footprint throughout the 1000 Islands region. Offering next generation technological products, with award winning customer services, Lansdowne Tel is a telecommunications provider of choice for high-speed rural Internet, Telephone and Television services.

Moving forward, the future looks bright for Lansdowne Tel as exciting improvements are planned, including the continued development of a state-of-the-art Fibre Optic network, which will bring higher speed Internet connection, HD quality digital Television, and improved Telephone connectivity.